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Jordan Carver

Mainz kalecisi Rene Adler’in eski sevgilisi olan 32 yaşındaki Jordan Carver, modellik ve yoga ile ilgileniyor.

Manken olmadan önce otel yöneticiliği de yapan Alman güzel, seksi vücudu ile herkesin beğenisini topluyor. Carver yoga videolarını derlediği bir DVD de yayınlarken, Who Killed Jimmy isimli komedi programında da oyunculuk yapıyor.

Rene Adler’in eski sevgilisi Jordan Carver’ın resimleri

Most hectic week ever! Sorry guys for the lack of posting, but this whole week was just crazy. I’m the process of making some big changes in my life. And im definitely not afraid of changes. Instead of worrying about what I have to lose, I’m focusing on the good and what I have to gain. So excited for new things! . Change is always good. . Yesterday I was able to do a quick workout ( haven’t been able to workout for a bit ) and it felt soooo good. I really missed it. . Headband I’m wearing is from: @1stphorm . #instafit #motivation #fit #TFLers #fitness #gymlife #pushpullgrind #grindout #flex #instafitness #gym #trainhard #eatclean #grow #focus #dedication #strength #ripped #swole #fitnessgear #memorialweekend #shredded #squat #bigbench #cardio #sweat #grind #lifestyle #pushpullgrind #iam1stphorm

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Pay more attention to what stirs your heart. Pay attention to the music that makes you want to cry, or dance, or jump right out of your skin. Pay attention to what makes you happy 🌼 truly happy, the kind of happy that drips from your bones, the kind of happy that gives you hope and to makes you believe that you have a reason to be here. Pay attention to the things that make you laugh, the things that make you smile. Really focus on figuring out what completes you, really focus on discovering the aspects of the world is it interest you and challenge you and make you want to learn and grow. You have to pay attention. To the things that make you believe and in being alive, to the people that support you and build you up and make you feel like you are understood in a world that can sometimes feel like a haunted and hurtful place. . You have to pay attention to the life you want to create for yourself, because you are in charge of your own 🌞 HAPPINESS 🌞 you are in charge of who you become. So, if something makes your soul feel like it’s finally home, pay attention to it. . Whether it’s a job, or an idea, or a person, or a place 🌞 just follow it. . Just make your life your own! . . . [ workout bag: @1stphorm | #iam1stphorm #phamily #duespaid #domore #behappy

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What superpower ( any superpower you can think of ) would you give your worst enemy?

Jordan Carver (@jocalife)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

. 👉🏼 TAG SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS YOU NO MATTER WHAT! 👈🏼 . To achieve the goals you have you need ambition the right mindset and the right dedication. But don’t underestimate having the right people around you who support you have the same goals and the same mindset as you. . Most of the time in my life I’ve attracted the wrong people who were more interested in their own benefits. But past is past. . I feel so blessed, happy and lucky which I haven’t in a long time. Why? Because I have the right people around me. Don’t ever ever underestimate the importance of having a good support around you. ✌🏼 . 🍏 BENEFITS OF GOOD HYDRATION 🍏 Slow down the aging process… This is a biggie
Keep your skin hydrated
Cleanse your body of unwanted toxins
Help you function better . 👙 BIKINI 👙 @beachbunnyswimwear . 📸 PHOTO 📸 @randylehoe . 💢 HASHTAG 💢 #bossbitch #duespaid #absafterbaby #absarecoming #trainharder #boxhaus #independentwoman #workoutclothes #fitforfun #gymwear #gymlooks #bikini #summer18

Jordan Carver (@jocalife)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

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